So, what's this all about?

We are local residents with no political agenda who want to protect the borough we care about from all negative influences which includes the activities of Spelthorne Borough Council.


The current administration relies on our trust and their lack of transparency to operate with impunity and without any accountability or oversight.


Our council governs using a cabinet system where only 6 of the 39 councillors you elected have the power to make the key decisions. The members of this cabinet are personally appointed by the Leader of the Council and it mainly operates in private always seeking to limit public awareness of its activities.

It does not have to be this way because legislation exists giving the local electorate the power to influence how our Council functions. We want to change the cabinet model to an updated version of the committee system, where all 39 councillors have more input into the decisions that affect us all.


It only takes 5% of the local electorate to petition the Council for a change of governance referendum, that's approximately 4000 signatures which is achievable with your help.


Imagine how much better our borough would be if it was transparent and accountable to the people who fund it?


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